But Riri, These Birthday Nails De33 Not Not Not. Check It Out Guys!

See, for some of us er, unless we don’t see Rihanna rocking something. We will find a way through our empty purses to get whatever she’s rocking.

If we cannot afford it too we will just admire from afar and give her the accolades she obviously deserves.

Yo! Rihanna can get a bathrobe and turn it into a fashion set piece. She embodies white eyeliners, skinny brows and even sheer dresses. You know that shada you won’t wear because of a couple of reasons but would love to rock? Well, Rihanna will just make that a look with a snap of her fingers.

This brings us to the reason for the article.

A picture came up yesterday about Rihanna’s birthday nails and the Navy have a couple of questions.

First, check out the picture of her nails.

Image result for rihanna birthday nails

So the Navy is divided now. Some are going all out and supporting Rihanna and her nails but some too are saying, “this isn’t it sis”.

Lol. Here are some of the hilarious comments when Shaderoom posted the picture.

Lmao! Whatever happens, we are still staunch supporters of Riri and no one and nothing, not even “BaD NaiLs” can stop us.

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