Okay People!! Get Ready To Have Your Worlds Splashed With A heavy Dose Of Colour


Nothing makes a bland and mundane thing look prettier than a splash of colour.

Look at rainbows, flowers, that coloured alewa toffee we used to eat as kids!!!

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Great pictures are not always black and white! Most of them are the ones with vibrant colours… something that immediately catches your eye!!

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Everyone has a favourite colour and it’s mostly because they all mean something or invoke something so…let’s ask you this:

If you could be any colour at all, what would you be?

If you could be identified with a particular colour forever, what would you choose?

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Rexona’s got this amazing project that’s going to let you be any colour you want to be!

They’re giving you that one day to express yourself not just with words but in any colour you want!!


If you thought the world is already full of colours, then get ready cos you’re about to be hit with even more!!

Something’s coming…and you better pick your colour quick!!!

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