MUCG: Here’s How To Stay Healthy And Have A Productive Academic Life


We are back to the “grind”. Wondering how to be a healthier body to undergo all the activities for the semester? Wonder no more we got you.

“The mind and body are not separate, what affects one affects the other”. Here are a few tips to help you have a healthy body;

  1. Drink lots of water:

Water increases brain power and provides energy, boosts the immune system. It also promotes healthy weight management and weight loss.

Since the body naturally loses water daily it is advisable to drink at least eight (8) glasses a day to also prevent dehydration.

  1. Get enough rest:

It is no secret that an exhausted body cannot function properly. When the body is tired, it becomes difficult for you to do activities efficiently such as studying.

A tired body cannot absorb what is studied well, that is things studied when tired are easily forgotten.

Try to get eight hours of sleep at night and at least 30 minutes of sleep(nap) during the day as it helps the body and brain to be active.

  1. Cut down junk food:

You are what you eat never forget that. If you eat healthy foods, you will be healthy but if not you tend to weaken the body.

You can take in “junk food” once in a while but never make it a daily routine. Include more fruits and veggies in your diet.

  1. Exercise regularly:

Physical exercises increase your mental health and also reduces stress and anxiety.

You don’t need to be in a gym before you can exercise. Exercise at least 30 minutes day or thrice a weak.

Keep in the mind the more you exercise the more your mental capacity increases.

  1. Mind your own business:

The more you stay out of other peoples issues the healthier you become.

The more you pry into other peoples’ issues, the more you put stress on your body and the weaker you become.

Focus on yourself and how to take proper care of yourself.

A healthy body they say brings about a healthy mind. Take good care of yourself and you will be very productive in all areas of your life.

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