#Emergers2019: LOL This Is The Evolution Of The Name Guilty Beatz. Will It End Here?


We all know him as Guilty Beatz and if you’ve never wondered why he chose that specific name…you’re weird. full stop.

2018 was a great year for Guilty Beatz, especially with his ‘Akwaaba’ song, which is why it wasn’t hard at all adding him to the Kuulpeeps official list of #Emergers2019

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Now how did Guilty Beatz come up with his name??

Like does it mean he’s guilty of making good beats or he’s just guilty of anything and everything you think of??

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We asked him during his #Emergers2019 interview!

“Lool so my name came from some t-shirt bi that I had oo. It was orange and had the word GUILTY on it.  Anytime I wore the shirt, my friends were like, “guilty, guilty” and the thing is, I used to wear it a lot!!”

“Before the name Guilty got stuck, I was erhm Mc Dosh. McDosh because Dosh is money in British slang and Mc means Son of”

So… son of money???

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“But before McDosh, my name was Schwartz”

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“No, not your childhood hero Schwarzneggar. Schwartz is actually a composer. He composes orchestra music and I like orchestra so I was like hey I’ll pick that name up. Instead, Guilty got stuck and because I don’t want to be guilty of any crime…(I’m innocent lol). I just decided to add the Beatz to it to make Guilty Beatz.”

“I have tried to change it but people keep saying nahh, so now dierr I can’t even change it unless I get to P.Diddy’s level then you know…

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Great story right?

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