TTU: Jealous Much? Here’s How To Stop Being Bitter About Other People’s Relationships


Whether you’re the one dealing with jealous feelings or you’re dealing with someone who’s jealous of you (though who wouldn’t be jealous of you, because you’re perf), nobody wants to be jealous.

Jealousy is something everyone has experienced at some point unless of course you’ve finally mastered not caring about literally anything or anyone.

In which case, why are you even reading this article?









We get it—you’re researching for a friend, right? Lol
Even though jealousy within a relationship is a pretty common topic, jealousy about others’ relationships is kind of an unspoken area that nearly everyone has dealt with. Here are a few ways that you can help yourself beat that couple envy.









Remember that every relationship is different
What works for the couple you’re jellin’ on might not work for you and your SO, so you shouldn’t obsess over other couples. Don’t try to be like another couple, just because that couple appears to be blissful.







Just because your bestie and her beau display an obnoxious amount of public affection, doesn’t mean you and your SO need to feel pressured into doing the same. Don’t force something that doesn’t come naturally. Save yourself the trouble and focus on doing the things that work for you and bae.

Focus on yourself and your relationship (even if your current relationship is with Netflix)
It’s easy to be fixated on someone’s seemingly perfect couple-dom. However, you shouldn’t miss out on your own relationship because you were too busy fixating on another couple’s relationship.
You actually don’t even need to be in any form of relationship to be jealous about others’ relationships. However, you shouldn’t envy someone just because they’re in a relationship and you’re not.









After all, being single is an excellent time to focus on yourself and your future.









Stay away from social media if you can, at least for a while
The first rule of the internet: nothing is true. Okay well, some things are true on the internet, but social media accounts represent the best of someone’s life. After all, who would want to document the worst (or even mundane) parts of their life or relationship? Obviously no one!







You tend to obsess about random people on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and the likes, and it just becomes unhealthy because you’re so focused on what other people are doing in their relationship. If you stop following a couple of accounts or use social media less, then you can occupy yourself with your own relationship. Seriously, someone’s social media account is not an accurate representation of themselves of their relationship.







Don’t strain your own relationship because you want to be like all the other Insta-couples.

Ask other couples questions
If you’re jealous about another couple or pining over someone else’s “couple goals,” you should try asking them questions about what works and what doesn’t work for them.















Even if you use this “interview” to overthrow this poster couple’s Insta-fame, at least you’re channelling your energy toward minimizing the couple rivalry, rather than forcing your bae to take 75 photos of your couple brunch for your shared Instagram account.
After all, if you’re jealous about someone else’s relationship in the first place, then you might need to work on something in your own relationship. And there’s nothing wrong with working on something, even if it isn’t “broken.”

That is how maintenance works. Instead, try to figure out why you’re jealous of another couple, and try to replicate that in your own relationship (but, you know, edit it to fit your relationship).

For example, ask the other couple, especially whoever you’re closer to between the two, about what works for them and what doesn’t. Ask them how they go about each other’s “but’s” and that could help you “spice up” your own relationship.

Be content with what you have!

If you’re jealous about someone else, then you obviously want something that they have — or something that you think they might have. Be content with what you have!







Be happy, however possible with whoever you find yourself within a relationship at the moment. After all, you agreed to “date” in the first place.

Regardless, you shouldn’t silently sulk about the dream relationship that you don’t have. Instead, gradually work on your own relationship.











Your relationship is what matters, after all.

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