UENR: What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When It Comes To Fashion Especially Today


Style and fashion give us all an unbridled opportunity to express ourselves, but it comes with a load of restrictions telling people what should and should not wear.

Here are some fashion tips to look at.

Belts should match with bags and shoes

Image result for matching belts and shoes

Loud colours (red and green) shouldn’t be considered a good fit.

Image result for loud color clothes wrong combination

Pick clothes that shape and contours your body. (Emphasize your assets and hide your imperfections)

Image result for oversized clothes

Do not overdo your makeup. (Makeup should suit every occasion)

Image result for african make up fails

Jewellery shouldn’t be over worn or loud. They should be just perfect for the dress. They should also match (gold necklace with a gold pair of earrings and rings. Same applies with silver.)

Image result for matching jewelry for clothes

Boat shoes (Sebago) are not to be worn with socks that show.

Image result for right way to wear sebago

A multicoloured top is best on plain jeans or shorts (or vice versa).

Image result for multi coloured top with jeans

Beach clothes should expose a little skin.

Image result for beach clothes

Skimpy tops fit best on boyfriend jeans or shorts(vice versa).

Image result for skimpy tops with boyfriend jeans

You can wear a bracelet and a watch on the same hand (if you are comfortable with it).

Image result for watch and bracelet on same hand

Fashion can be tiresome sometimes but fun when you know what you are about. Try to be conscious on how you dress and blend colours. You should also be comfortable and confident in what you wear, and hey! don’t forget to try something new.


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