These Valentine’s Day Experiences Will Have You Go “Awwn” To “Eii” In Minutes!!


Today is Valentine’s day and we know as much as love in in the air, most people are chocking…

… because they are gnashing!

You don’t believe us?

We asked a couple of people about their most memorable Valentine’s Day experience and some of the responses will surprise you.

“I remember I once got a Teddy bear, chocolates and even more chocolates from a boy I eventually bounced. I’m sorry but the game is the game”

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R.I.P to all the guys who will do the most and still get bounced on Valentine’s day.

“My mum got me a teddy bear and my boyfriend got me a rose and a box of pizza. I was in secondary school then so you know I got a lot of fans!! hehehee!!”
A Mother’s love and your boo’s love? The perfect cocktail!!
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“Oh, Valentine’s day is always really really good for me! Lots and lots of goodies and sex cos we the fvck boys dierr lol you know how we do!!”
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“Oh one time, I won a surprise dinner at KFC for bae… He was so surprised and happy. We had so much fun!”
“I expected nothing from my beau on Val’s day but chale, he travelled from Cape Coast just to see me and that was everything for me!!”
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“To be very honest, I have been consistently gnashing on Val’s day for so long I don’t even know what Valentine’s is any more”
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“I was travelling back from Lagos and well, my date picked me from the airport and took me straight to the spa. It was cute”
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“So last year, my boyfriend was in another school and well, I didn’t expect to see him on Val’s day cos of the distance and all so this other guy who really liked me or should I say still likes me asked me to go out on a date with him since my boyfriend won’t be available and I agreed. I low-key had a crush on him. lol. Valentine’s Day came and I shada-ed chale. As my crush and I were going downstairs, we met my boyfriend with a gift in his hand. I didn’t know where to pass. Nigga bore and just left with the gift. He didn’t allow me to explain stuff. I felt bad but I couldn’t also leave my crush there so I still went for the date. I’m currently dating my crush. I can’t coman kee myself.”
Lmao!!! Wild!!
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“There was this program on campus and on the flyer, it was stated everything was for free… So my roomies and I decided to pass by only to get there and realize it wasn’t true… Common popcorn sef was been sold!! Eiiii heartbreaks!!!”
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