Natives Of Newly Created Regions Need Not To Swear An Affidavit To Ratify Old Documents

Kow Essuman

Since last Tuesday, President Nana Akufo-Addo has been issuing Constitutional Instruments to give legal backing to the creation of 6 new regions which were approved in a referendum.

Currently, the President has announced four of six capitals for the newly created regions…

They include the North East Region with its capital in Nalerigu, the Savanah Region with its capital being Damango, Techiman is the capital of the Bono East Region and the Ahafo Region will have Goaso as its capital.

As a result, certain people who previously mentioned the Brong Ahafo Region, Nothern Region, Western Region and the Volta Region as their regions on legal documents such as Birth Certificates, Passports, educational certificates, Drivers Licence, Bank Account documents are now in a different region.

For example, if Kofi who comes from Techiman used to write the Brong Ahafo Region as his region on official documents, as per the new Constitutional Instruments issued by the President, Kofi can no longer claim the Brong Ahafo Region as his region, instead he would have to use the Ahafo Region with its capital in Techiman as his region.

As a result, his old documents will have a different region while any document he fills from now will have Ahafo Region.

This, according to some may pose a legal challenge as one person would have two regions on legal documents.

However, in an interview with Kow Essuman, Lawyer and Council to President Akufo-Addo, said Kofi, in the example above which applies to natives of all the other five newly created regions, would not need to swear an affidavit to cover for the change in the region.

He said there is no need in swearing an affidavit because that process has been catered for by the Constitutional Instrument.

“The Constitutional Instrument issued by the President to create the new regions covers for all the legal challenges that may arise,” Kow Essuman said.

There you have it folks… what would be wrong now would be for  Kofi to continue using the Brong Ahafo Region on official documents when he should be using the Ahafo Region.

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