#Emergers2019: Ladies! Come Around! Wendy Shay Has Got Some First Date Advice For You And It Works Like Magic!

This is for the ladies only. 

Sweethearts, you’re all so beautiful and unique I know the young men are all around you, looking like they always do.

Sometimes they ask you out on a date and of course, you should go! I have some tried and tested tips of what you should do and NOT do on a first date!

Don’t fart 

Image result for fart on a date gif

Don’t laugh at every single joke he makes. Unless it’s funny of course 

Image result for laughing at a date gif

Ask questions and be open. Don’t be boring. Let the conversation flow…

Image result for i talk a lot gif 

Don’t ask for more food. Eat what you have and don’t go being an Oliver Twist

Image result for overeating on a date gif

Do not go home with him after the first date. Lol don’t. 

Image result for when you see your crush gif

Follow it and make yourself a memorable first date! 

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