Did Someone Say Free Makeover?! Check Out Pictures From The Feminera Launch On Legon Campus!


Remember that we told you about the activation happening on the Legon campus today? Oh, you didn’t know?

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Oh sorry sorry!

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If you’re on Legon campus, head over to the Volta hall riiiiiiggghhhttt now and get a free makeover done!

Yes! You saw that right!

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Free makeover for that date with that boy tonight! *wink wink*

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Oh but on a more serious note, Feminera is doing an activation currently on Legon campus; to be precise, Volta Hall. You can get a free makeover done by professional makeup artists and then buy the Feminera makeup products, which we are sure you love!

Check out some of the pictures from the activation so far.

Charley hurry up kraa cuz better late than never!

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