UG: The UGRC Portal Has Been Reopened For Students Who Were Not Able To Register


The UGSRC is glad to inform all students, especially level 100’s, that the portal for UGRC courses has been reopened.

Here are the list of UGRCs and groups available :

UGRC 120-Numeracy Skills :

Groups 1-13.

UGRC 140-Science and Technology in our lives : 

Groups are available for:

-Everyday Physics.

-Earth Resources.


-Chemistry and life.

UGRC 150-Critical Thinking :

Groups 1-11 excluding group 2.

UGRC 160-Introduction to Literature :

Groups 1-8

UGRC 170-General Mathematics :

Groups :3,5 and 6.

To register, click here.

Students are therefore urged to register as soon as possible.

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