Kelvyn Boy’s Got Some Tips On What You Should Do Before Getting Tattoos As Dope As His!


Yeahhh i have amazing tattoos.

They run down my arms and I love them! I know people love them too and some people have asked me about them so, let me tell you a thing or two about tattoos!

They look cool charle but when you’re getting one done erh it’s very painful!! See, make nobody lie you. If you can’t endure pain, don’t even try to think about getting a tattoo cos..herh!!

Tattoos are also very permanent so think looong and haaaaard before you decide to do them. Yes, you can take them off someday but, the scar will still remain so…again, think long paaa before you get one done cos you don’t want to get stuck with it forever if you aren’t sure about it.

Also, If you want to work in the corporate world, you know how GH is… don’t try okay. Unless you do it somewhere that’s not really visible but, if you want it to be someplace people will see and appreciate and you know very well that the corporate world is where you’d be getting your mula, then don’t try it.

Now while you think about all these…here’s a video of me showing off my amazing tattoos. Each one of them has a story to it and they mean so much to me!!

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