Absence Really Makes The Heart Fonder. Here’s What You Can Do For Your Bae This Val’s Day If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship!


Even when your partner is close to you, Val’s Day is stressful, how much more in a long distance relationship? One of the keys to a successful LDR is to maintain healthy levels of intimacy and closeness, especially during Valentine’s Day.

1. Surprise Visit

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For you people with money, this is the best option for you.

You can pick spots and clues that hold special significance to your relationship, and at the end, they’ll find you waiting for them. Charley! It’s Valentine’s Day. Be as cheesy and romantic as you like.

2. Sending Care Packages

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There’s just something so sweet about sending each other a box full of fun surprises. The contents of the package can include their favourite baked goods, a pen drive with some new playlists, candy, love letters, sweatshirt with your signature scent sprayed on it, poems, a box of compliments or anything else that would put a smile on their face.

3. Scheduled Facetime/skype

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You’re probably used to doing this. You can add a little twist to it by having dinner at your end whiles he or she does the same. It would be as if you were beside each other having a romantic dinner. Unless of course, your network fucks up.

4. Phone calls

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You can both watch the same movie at your different locations and then pick a time to wine and trash-talk/love-talk about the film on the phone.

If you like to talk in the evenings, make Val’s Day different. Let him or her hear your voice first thing in the morning and call back in the evening as well. After all, your relationship depends on excellent communication.

5.  Sext

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Lol. You know very well that if your partner was around you would do the real deal but for now, whiles they are away, you can resort to this to help keep the vibe in the relationship.

We know that during this time, it’s really hard on you since everyone is huddled up with their loved ones. Take heart and try to keep communicating with your love. This helps with the loneliness.

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