UG: Here Is An Update On The Unidentified Body Found On Campus.

Remember the unidentified dead male that was found on campus?

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Well, the police have begun their investigations and here is an update on everything we know so far, just as promised.

 The area where the body was found has been cordoned off by the Legon Police, to prevent evidence tampering as they have begun their investigations.

The unidentified male is suspected to be in his mid or late twenties.

The male whose body was found is said to have been stabbed multiple times, struggling from the bushes and dying at the spot where he was found on the stretch from Mensah Sarah Hall annexes to the fire station on campus.

An eyewitness and his friend who had arrived at the scene found the body on a pavement at the junction that leads to Nania FC Park.

The Head of security of the University of Ghana, George Amofa Fokuo has confirmed that the unidentified male is not a student of the University of Ghana as we had feared but rather an outsider.

He has asked that we relax as the police carry out their investigations.

Since the incident happened, the heads of the University haven’t come out to issue a statement yet but the SRC is cautioning students to be more vigilant and attentive and to abstain from using lonely routes but rather use the main roads for safety reasons.

The body of the deceased is currently at the University of Ghana Morgue, as investigations are still ongoing.

We will continue to keep you updated but until our next article, Walk-in Groups, Use the main roads and Stay Safe !!!

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