Is It Due To Stunted Growth? Check Out The Reasons Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing Fast Enough For You?

We’re that sure at a point in our lives, all of us have looked in the mirror and complained about how our hair isn’t growing or even compared our hair growth with friends whose hair are the same age as yours but seem as if they started their hair journey before you.

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Well, the truth is, unless there’s some medical issue that prevents your follicles from producing new hair, your strands are always growing. So what’s going on?

1. Genetics

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We all have an individual hair cycle growth phase in which their hair has the potential to reach its longest. This is the maximum length that hair could possibly reach without being cut or damaged. One person’s cycle can have a growth phase of 3 years while another has a growth phase of 5 years before it’s time for the hair to shed. So it may simply be that your growth stage is shorter than others and just seems like it isn’t growing at all.

2. Diet

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It is important to have the proper levels of ferritin, zinc and vitamin B12 to maintain desirable hair length and quality. Adequate iron and protein are necessary for hair strength and to prevent brittleness and breakage. A lack of ferritin can cause hair to move out of its growth phase and to shed too quickly. An overactive or underactive thyroid has also been shown to have an effect on hair growth.

3. Trim

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Some women try to hang on to as much length as possible by avoiding haircuts, and yet they gain no length. Trimming your hair to help with growth may seem like a backward process, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your hair. Regular trims get rid of nasty split ends and damage that lead to breakage.

4. Excessive Heat Usage

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Using too much heat, or frequently using heat to style your hair can cause your hair to be extra dry, leaving your strands brittle and prone to breakage.

5. Your Hand Is Always In It

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Over-manipulation of your hair – whether it’s with your hands or combs and brushes causes unnecessary stress and breaks off your fragile ends. If you’re always touching your hair, try wearing protective styles. Keeping your hair braided, twisted or in a bun for a week or two will force you to keep your hands and hair tools out of it. No touchy, no breaky! No breaky, the more length you retain!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be one problem alone. For some of you out there, it’s a little bit of everything so calm your tits and check yourself.

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