You Can’t Just Go Around Sucking Up People’s Faces! Check Out These Tips On How To Improve On Your French Kiss Technique!

Believe it or not, certain people really do not know how to kiss. You’ll be in the mood for some sizzling foreplay and your partner will take you from 100 to 0 real quick with the sloppy kiss he or she gives you leaving you grossed out.

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Meanwhile too, he/she has been doing some serious moff moff about what they’ll do to you when they get you. Tragic.

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Does this bring back memories? Sigh. Probably you’re the sloppy kisser and you don’t know. Weeellll, we have to correct that you know. These tips will help you be the one person that others actually want to smooch. The person who inspires fantasies and gossip (the good, flattering kind)

1. Consent

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Yes! Right now de3 if you don’t ask for permission to do anything sexually related with another person, they will draaaaaagg you! (Pray you’re not on twitter cuuuzz a thread about you will pai right now and you’ll be trending. Lmao!). Just ask “May I kiss you?”.

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It’s that easy. Once that is settled, it’s usually safe to start soft, and amp up the sexual energy as the kiss goes on.

2. Right Time

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Learn to read the room! If your partner isn’t giving you the right vibes, read this carefully. Don’t make a move! The best time for a first kiss is when you’re alone, there’s a pause in the conversation, and you’re both looking into each other’s eyes. Get to a place where you’ll both feel comfortable. Stand or sit close to your partner, make eye contact, and let the conversation come to a natural breaking point. You’ll both know when the moment is right.

3. Good breath

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It’s necessary to have good breathe but don’t go overboard with the mints. Your breath doesn’t need to be any more minty-fresh than your kissing partner’s. (For instance, if you both just had dinner together and ate equally garlicky meals, you’ll be fine.) You can have the mints just in case, but don’t obsess over them.

4.  Moisturize Your Lips

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For the ladies, if your gloss game is very strong, we need you to bring it down for the guys. They’re trying to kiss you and have a feel of your lips and not taste Nyx Buttergloss on your lips. A slight brush of your tongue on your lips (if there’s no gloss) or a chapstick would be ideal in such a situation.

5. Start with your lips

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The first thing you probably think about when kissing crosses your mind is ‘tongue’ but you need to start with your lips (kissing both lips, the bottom lip or the top lip). You need to take your time and consider your partner’s cues. We cannot emphasize this enough though… Do not suck on her lips too much! You aren’t trying to suck the life out of them. This is what some of you do which causes your partner’s lips to swell. Oh! and yes! Some kisses are that bad!

6. Tonguing

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Don’t get it twisted. Kissing without a tongue is perfectly fine. If the kissing gets very intense and calls for the use of tongue though, who are you to deny your partner? Just make sure you aren’t making your tongue the star of the show by sticking it down their throat. Allow the tips of your tongues do a little dance around each other.

7. Saliva

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See. It’s normal to exchange saliva when kissing but Charley, don’t slobber up your partner’s entire nose to chin area leaving them chafed and wet. It’s ok to transfer some saliva, but make sure that saliva is micro-dosed. They did not consent to shots of your spit.

8. Use your hands

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There are some people who don’t know what to do with their hands when kissing. They don’t know how it adds up to the mix. Lol. You can just hold your partner’s face or put them around their necks. There’s also the option of putting your hands around their waists. Using your hands while you kiss helps make things far more romantic, sensual, and tender. Never just leave them by your side; that’s just awkward.

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9. Follow Your Partner’s Cues

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You don’t need to be an expert on kissing to share a great kiss. If you’re not sure what to do, just go with the flow and let your partner take over. As long as the two of you like each other and are concentrating on the magic of the moment, it’ll go great.

10. Know When To End It

If this is your first time kissing this person, keep things brief. If you get this one right, there will be plenty more chances to kiss. You want to leave your partner dying to lock lips with you the next time.

Mmmhhmm! We’ve really sorted you out! Go out there and do us proud.

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