Here’s How To Keep The Love Of Your Life Happy Without Spending A Cedi This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is almost here.

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It’s literally next week and if you aren’t even planning something for your boo or baes, what are you really doing???

But wait…don’t freak out just yet.

What if we told you we’ve got the perfect and easiest way to keep the love of your life happy and save money at the same time?

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You know that sweet feeling you get when you’re in love or seriously crushing on someone?

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Yeah, we know the perfect way to express that feeling.

Arla Dano’s telling you to chill…they’ve got you!!!

Dano’s showing Y’all love by helping you show love too! They’re giving you a bunch of stuff for free! No money involved! Just show the world how much you love that somebody and that’s it!

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All you have to do is post a video or share a post of you saying something sweet about the love of your life or crush.

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Share whatever you have with everyone on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and tag Dano! (@Danomilkgh on IG, @Danomilk_Gh on Twitter and @DanomilkGH on Facebook)

Make sure you do it now cos the deadline’s 10th February!!

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If your post is super sweet, you’d be part of the chosen 5 who’d move to the next stage where the person with the most likes or retweets by 13th February wins!

Make sure your posts come with #DanoTreatsforMySweet.

Now think about the smile on your baby’s face when you tell him or her you won something for them on Valentines…

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Call us when the wedding bells start ringing and don’t slack…

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