From Child Abuse To Proclaiming Himself As A Proud Fvck Boy, Meet Tulenkey, One Of Our #Emergers2019


Meet Tulenkey one of our chosen amazing and talented rappers for #Emergers2019

He refers to himself as an artiste who has mastered the art of hip-hop in English and Twi.

On how he came about the name Tulenkey, he explained that he got the idea from a name his mother used to call him all the time because according to his mum, he was very stubborn which is hard to believe considering the very quiet and unassuming person we met when we interviewed him as one of the Kuulpeeps and VodafoneX Emergers2019.

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For him, music made a lot of sense when he was in Class 4. He was already writing music and at that time, his friends and himself thought that it was dope.

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Although he was writing music, he recorded his first song in Class 6. A banging track he confidently told us he titled, “We dey for the hood.” Clearly, Tulenkey was and still is proud of his first work.

In his calm and quiet manner, a contrast to his persona when he’s rapping, he explained that most of his inspiration comes from everything around him and when it comes to his trending hit song: “Child Abuse”, he said: “I felt Child Abuse is an issue that has been ignored for so long, so I had to write a song about it. I heard the beat, I had a vibe and that vibe was connected to child abuse.”

Just like everyone else, we wanted to know how he linked up with Medikal to give us that goosebumps filled remix to his “Child Abuse” hit song. “I have a song with Medikal on his yet to be released Ep “The Plug”, so I just asked him to listen to the Child Abuse beat and well, he wanted to be on it and that was it.”

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Now, the Child Abuse video.

People have called it, hands down, one of the best videos of 2018. Tulenkey explained that yeahh the video has a whole story in itself: The Child abuse act has been in existence for years so they chose to put this out in the video, by taking it back to the 1900s, showing images of the men on the horse down to modern day current day.

On how he feels about all the love he’s getting, he explained “I think it’s hard work that is paying off because dem times I use to wonder like… when will I get there. Should I just pour my heart out and tell everyone ‘Oh listen to me?’ or I should just focus and do my thing! I chose the latter and decided to work hard and do what no one else has done before. I feel I worked hard so yeah I was sort of expecting it. It no dey bost my brain like that”

We dare say that Tulenkey is the future in the GH rap game!

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And oh…watch this video of him telling us about the food he can cook, his most embarrassing moment and a freestyle of his first ever rap!!

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