#Emergers2019: Meet Wendy Shay, The Hardworking Singer Who’s Done Nothing But Give Us Back To Back Hits!!

Everyone knows the new diva in the industry. She literally came out of nowhere and wowed us with back to back hits!

Femme fatale.

Wendy Shay broke into the music industry with “Uber Driver” and immediately became a hit sensation! She continued with “Astalavista”, “Bedroom Commando”, “Psalm 35”, “Masakra” and even dropped an album, “Shay On You” in December 2018.

Every song has had millions of plays and it almost makes you wonder…is she a magician?

Wendy, bubbly, full of life and very eloquent revealed she gets inspired by everything! Anything can give her an idea for a song! Take “Uber Driver”, for instance, the song that introduced us to her amazing talent! It was something as little as a bad habit people have that inspired her to cook up that hit with the help of her manager, Bullet who co-wrote the song, Wendy Shay told Kuulpeeps.com in an interview when she was being profiled for the Kuulpeeps and VodafoneX Emergers 2019.

“When I came to Ghana from Germany, I realized everyone liked to stare! You walk down the street and all people do is stare! I know I am gorgeous and have an amazing body but…lol the staring was a lot!! So I thought, hey, why don’t I put my first experience in a song? Bullet helped me and…Uber Driver was born!” Wendy Shay said.

Wendy Shay has been doing music all her life but professionally, it’s just been a couple months. In Germany, she went to a music school for four years where she learned to hone her skills. She also studied to be a nurse and was practising back in Germany but her music career sparked when she met Bullet and got signed unto Rufftown Records.

“I first met Bullet in Kwahu. He had come with Ebony to play a show and I was in town. I went up to them as a fan cos I loved Ebony and her music!!! Fast forward, sometime later, I was in Germany and I had spoken to an Uncle of mine about how much I’d love to work with them. He knew Bullet, sent him my demo and immediately Bullet loved it! Lol… I did not waste time at all coming down to Ghana to meet him…that’s basically how I then got signed unto Rufftown Records,” Wendy Shay recounts.

To have become a music sensation within the same year of signing unto the label, you can imagine the kind of potential Bullet must have seen in her to take a chance with her!

Wendy says she is enjoying the experience. She loves that she gets to make people happy with her music because that’s all she really wants…to put smiles on people’s faces and now she’s looking to reach an even bigger audience.

She mentioned Rihanna and Cardi B as two artistes she’d love to work with and…we are itching to see a collab with Cardi cos…both come off as free spirits and the chemistry will be great okuurrr!!!

Wendy Shay is a lover of life and refers to herself as a disappointed comedian (She is hilarious) so Y’all should follow her on Instagram and Twitter and connect with her! And oh…check out her latest album, Shay On You!

Her prospects for this year are huge… but key among them would be to bag a couple of awards at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

We’re here for Wendy Shay any day!!!

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