#Emergers2019: Meet Kofi Mole, The Guy Who Dropped Everything Including School, To Pursue His Music Passion!

If you’ve heard the “Mensah” song, then you know issa banger straight up! We know for a fact y’all noticed the amazing rapper with the locs with so much energy in the video!

Yhup, that’s Kofi Mole!

Unusual name huh? We just had to find out the mystery behind the name when he came over to Kuulpeeps for his #Emergers2019 interview.

Kofi Mole actually got the name from his friends.

According to him, his friends associated the words ambitious and crazy to him and thought… ‘hey, Kofi always goes for what he wants why don’t we give him the street name that represents all of that?’ And that’s how he got this strange name!

Don’t believe he’s all of that? Check this. The guy quit school to do music.

Mole was in the University of Ghana, Legon, studying Psychology but decided to defer in level 200 so he could push his dreams. Years down the line, he’s had no regrets and if you’re wondering whether he’d go back…

“I’m actually the Mensah in my family. I quit school to follow my passion…Actually, I deferred cos I love making music more than what I was doing in school and I doubt I ever will go back.”

The determined and talented artiste explained that yhup, school was way too stressful for him mostly because he was hustling on the side and in as much as his parents aren’t too excited about his decision…he’s still going to go hard and pursue his passion!

“I’m not sure I’d go back to school anytime soon, cos I might not get the time to focus on studying. Unless I retire from music and I don’t know when I’m going to retire so…”

Just like every Millenial, Kofi Mole is determined not to make the same mistakes our parents made. For him, talent is very important and he swears that when he becomes a parent he will identify the talent in his child and if they want to pursue it, he’d support them wholeheartedly.

If chasing his dream hadn’t churned out the hit song ‘Mensah’ and earned him a spot on Sarkodie’s ‘Biibiba’, Kofi Mole says he would still be chasing a career in music and that going back to school wouldn’t be his backup plan. He’s been going hard at making music for close to 8 years!!!

The “Mensah” song, just like every other great song was unplanned. “We happened to be in the studio. Kayso, Kwesi Arthur and I. And we were like oh, let’s play some music…Kayso started the beat…Kwesi did a melody, that later became the hook and I just had to come up with two rap verses.”

Image result for im gonna cry gif

Every artiste has a creative process and you’d be surprised that the almost Lil Uzi Vert look-alike (Yeah Mole told us we are over exaggerating but we think not!!) just needs peace and quiet and his own space, away from people to churn out the magic that we treat our ears too!

He’s not just a rapper tho…he wouldn’t call himself the next King Promise but he can sing enough to not break your eardrums entirely! He’s proved it on his song Die Rich where he sings throughout! It’s dope.

Clearly, Kofi Mole is passionate about what he does. It’s so evident you can see it emanating from him in waves. For him, all he represents is the streets and if you’ve not noticed that already, you definitely aren’t listening to his songs!

“I represent the streets. My lyrics is to inspire those on the streets; people who are going through hardship and feel like giving up. I usually send that message to keep them on the grind.”

Y’all should follow the talented rapper. (@Kofi_Mole on Twitter and @Kofi_Mole on Instagram ) He may look wild and all but he’s very sweet, not much of a talkative and very determined to pursue his dreams!

Watch him talk about his dreams, his favorite apps, how he takes care of his locs and more on his 21 Questions session with Kuulpeeps!

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