Donkomi Ooooohh Donkomi! Look Sharp And Cop Your New Samsung Phones From Samsung’s Back To School Promo!


Hey Kuulpeeeeeeppss!!!

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Well, we’re obviously excited about something and we can’t keep caaallmm!!!

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It’s Back To School szn with the New Samsung Galaxy!!

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Yeeesss! Now you understand why we are both excited and jittery.

If you still don’t get it, let’s explain it to you.

The Galaxy J4+, Galaxy J6, Galaxy J4, Galaxy J4 Core, Galaxy J2 Core, and Galaxy Grand Prime Pro will all be on sales!!

Yoooooo! Can you imagine?? And that isn’t even all the good news.

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The whole Sale is a buy and win vibe. You stand the chance of winning souvenirs like T-shirts, baseball caps, Notebooks, Pens, Free Data and Movie tickets.

How cool is that?

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The promotion is starting tomorrow, the 5th of February at Legon Hall and Jean Nelson Aka Hall in the University of Ghana.

The most exciting part for Legon students is that you don’t necessarily have to leave the comfort of your beds and go to the aforementioned halls to cop your phones. Just call 0504984440 and state your specs and they’ll deliver it to you for FREE!!

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Yaaassss… Now you know but don’t be selfish. Go and spread this gospel to your friends, to tell a friend, who should tell a friend…. you know how it goes.

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