CU: “New Year, New Me” Shenanigans, Which Type Of Student Are You This Semester

School has just reopened and students are looking forward to having a successful semester.

Here are the some of the types of students you will find during this semester.

The sleepy heads 😴

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Whether classes begin at 9 am or 1 pm these kinds of students are found with their eyes sagging or in a deep sleep when the class is still on. Omo ada😄

The latecomers😓

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Always coming to class late no matter the time class starts. Aside from the fact that they are late will still walk majestically to the class.

The exams people

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Have you ever been to class especially during mid-semester exams and wondered where from all these people. You only see these people in the class at the last hour.

The over serious student

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They go to class 30mins before lectures. They will be the same people who will ask the lecturer to continue lecturing even when his time is up.

The excuse minister

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Always giving excuses for not participating in group projects or not submitting an assignment on time.

The chobo people

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About 90% of students fall under this category. They can alter their bill to suit their needs. They can buy a book at ghc300 when the book is just ghc50. Please don’t take too much chobo because your children will do the same thing to you or even more.😂


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