Beginner’s Guide To Natural Looking Botox! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It!

Maybe for you, the constant stream of late nights, binge drinking (sorry Mum) and falling asleep with a full face of makeup on, are all starting to show their effects.

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As you likely know by now, botulinum toxin works by paralyzing muscles, thus smoothing out wrinkles and furrows in the skin.

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But if you’re considering Botox for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are what you need to know about getting botox.

1. Age doesn’t really matter

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Well, of course, you need to be 18 years but that’s not really what we’re referring to. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t necessarily need to be old in order to get botox done. Age doesn’t matter because everyone’s muscles are different. If someone at the age of 21 has visible dynamic lines that are causing a problem, they can treat it.

2. A consultation is crucial

The person performing the injection should have you smile and frown and raise your eyebrows. An experienced professional would carefully evaluate you the whole time to see how different areas of your face naturally move so that he or she can keep you looking refreshed instead of expressionless. Some dermatologists like to ask patients to talk about something they’re passionate about to gauge facial movement.

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You should also be given a thorough health assessment prior to the injection. Certain antibiotics, specifically in the aminoglycoside category, like gentamicin (prescribed for bacterial infections), can increase the potency of neurotoxins. (To avoid risk, don’t receive treatment for the duration of your antibiotic prescription.)

3. Yes, it hurts a bit

Well, like you’re being injected in your forehead, there’s no two ways about it. Slightly stingy, but fast and sharp.

4. Be prepared to take a minute

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For several hours after your shots, be prepared to avoid putting makeup, washing your hair, exercising, lying down, or messing with the injected zones. You do not want to spread the toxin to muscles or weaken the injection. You’re also not going to want to fly for several hours after Botox, as there is some concern that change in cabin pressure will affect the spread of the toxin to muscles you do not want affected. Stay grounded (literally and figuratively) for a few days.

5. Early bird gets the best results…

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Preventative Botox is a term used when treating younger patients—say, those in their late twenties or early thirties—when expression lines are visible at rest and during movement. Starting early will not only prevent worsening but can typically reverse these first blush lines and wrinkles. But, proceed with caution.

6. A little bruising is common

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Post-treatment can leave you a little red and blotchy (depending on your complexion), so if you have any meetings straight after, you might have to cancel. Although the redness soon fades, you might be left with a few tiny pinprick points. Bruising is common, but it all depends on how sensitive your skin is. Being left with a slight headache which lasts for a few hours is quite common. It isn’t anything that two paracetamol can’t fix. If you do experience a headache for longer than 48 hours, or any other symptoms like nausea or visual disturbances (although rare) you are advised to contact your practitioner.

7. Results Arent Immediate!

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Contrary to myths, Botox results are not immediate.

You’ll start to see an effect after 3-5 days, however, it may take two weeks for maximum results to kick in. It’s definitely a strange sensation as you go to lift your brows…but nothing moves. lol.

8. The effects will last around 3-5 months

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Aftercare is pretty simple and doesn’t require anything too strenuous. To keep results looking optimum you should avoid things such as smoking, excess alcohol, sun exposure and getting stressed – which can all help break down collagen faster, decreasing the longevity of Botox.

Try to remember that results can last anywhere between three and five months, but it’s dependent on muscle strength, metabolism and lifestyle too.

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