Who Is Your Favourite DJ’s Fave DJ? Check Out DJ Vyrusky’s Top DJs To Look Out For This Year

DJ Vyrusky, iPhone DJ, DJ Big Stan, DJ LayLow

Dj-ing has improved a lot these past few years and there’s a crop of DJs I personally call my faves.

They are almost right there on my dope level lol but seriously, these are DJ’s I’d trust with my set at any time of the day.

They are just like me… unique and can do magic with all the amazing music out there!!

iPhone Dj

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The iPhone DJ does exactly what his name suggests. Deejays with an iPhone! He’s amazing at what he does and basically moves crowds with just an iPhone in hand! Y’all should watch out for him! He’s a hip-hop mix king tbh. Follow him on Instagram (@theiPhonedj) and Twitter (@iamtheiPhonedj)

DJ Big Stan

If you are a hard La meme gang fan, then you should know him! Okay maybe you don’t know his name but you’ve definitely seen this dude up o stage, behind the spinners anytime La meme gang is up to perform. He’s the official DJ of the gang and if you’ve ever seen the gang perform, you know the kind of magic they create on stage. Follow him on Twitter (@DJ_Big_Stan) and Instagram (@DJ_Big_Stan1)

DJ Laylow

Yeah, he’s also known as the King of mixes because well, no one knows how to mashup the best songs together as he does! Seamless, almost fluid and definitely will get you lit even if you’re in your room just listening to his mixes!! He’s also a student at the University of Ghana so you know…making mixes and ermm mixing grades too (Okay that’s a fail we are sorry!) Follow him on Instagram (@thekingofmixes) and Twitter (@thekingofmixes).

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