Oh No! Some Internet Users Think The Queen Wants To Change The English Alphabets

Queen Elizabeth

Do you remember when we were kids and they told us that Queen Elizabeth II can never make a mistake in the English language and that whenever she does, her mistake is quickly added to the English Language as a new word?

Well, some internet users might still be thinking that Her Majesty has that much power to even alter what has now become known as the universally accepted standard English Language alphabets.

We can’t say we blame them in thinking the Queen can change the English Alphabet though, you know, she is the Queen of England and all that.

Also, if you don’t follow the Royal Family on Twitter you might also think the Queen wants to change the English Alphabet.

Yesterday, the Royal Family’s official Twitter account sent a Tweet asking people about the number of redundant letters there are in the English Alphabet, what would be the ideal perfect alphabet and how far does the English Alphabet fall short of that ideal.

Yeah…. that sounds like someone is evaluating the English Language and finding ways of making it better… no?

You know… that is a question your boss would ask in a Monitoring and Evaluation meeting of an ongoing project or campaign.

People were that serious in helping the Queen make her decision on the ‘new’ English Alphabet.

Lol… now the Queen has got people being worried about their name…

However, this was our exact reaction when we saw the Royal Family’s tweet…

Then we went into CSI mode in an attempt to figure out what in the …. was going on!

Then we realized that the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, The Princess Royal joined the 150 years celebration of women in higher education.

Yes…. this year marks 150 years since women were first allowed to go to the university in Britain.

In 1869, nine women sat for the ‘special examination’ at the University of London and some of the questions they were asked in the exams included the above question about the English Alphabet.

Other questions they were asked are:


lol… so y’all better relax and take a chill pill. We fancy that the Queen is perfectly ok with the current English Alphabets and she isn’t thinking of changing them.

But legit… do you think any of the English Alphabets could be redundant?

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