LMAO We Really Taya These 8 Sex Related Things That Happen In Movies But Never In Real Life


We know movies are usually just unrealistic things but…sometimes, movies try to show us real-life scenarios. Things you see in everyday life or things that could likely happen to you and its dope.

Now, whether we like it or not, people sometimes expect their lives to reflect what they see in movies and one thing people think should look exactly as they see in movies is the sex scene!

Most people have some expectation of sex based on what they see in movies and the…when you face sex in real life, you’re like huh?? what???

Here are a couple of scenarios in movies that are so ridiculous. So very ridiculous!

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Notice how after sex, no one is sweating profusely? They always look so sexy and beautiful after sex with a light layer of sweat or nothing at all glistening on their bodies. The ladies hardly ever get smudged makeup too! How?!!


Sex looks so beautiful our virginities tremble when we see them. When it’s between two people in love, it’s definitely going to look like a dance…slow, beautiful and everything in sync!! Ha!!! Where are the awkward sounds? the leg cramps, the slipping out, the weird faces when there are orgasms and the awkward touches of laughter in between??

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The women in movies always have sexy matching lacy lingerie on. Let there be a scene where a dashing young man pulls a woman into the backseat of his car or some washroom somewhere and…tadaaa!! Matching black lacy lingerie. How? Who walks around in dem fancy-ass stuff every day??? Where are the granny pants? the mismatched dross and bra? Please…

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And then there are the clothes ripping. It’s wild and sexy af but…have you tried it??? Lmaooo you’d be in for a surprise!! Your clothes won’t tear that easily ma’am…unless he’s Superman or something, you’d just hurt yourself looking stupid, trying to tear someone’s top.

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Notice how no one really runs to the washroom after a sesh of hot steamy sex?  No One ooo! How come?? Cos a lot of people do dash to weewee after sex and it’s been proven to be actually healthy so…what’s up guys? y’all peeing in bed or you’re just so good holding the pee in!

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In movies, every man has super strength! The man always easily holds the woman and raises her to carry her into the bedroom or wherever like she’s just a ballon. Let some guy try this in real life and get his hip broken. Either that or the woman will definitely come tumbling down…y’all ain’t as fit as you look gentlemen…

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And how do they always sweep things off the table so smoothly?? Like…

“Desk sex? hold on let me clear the table without worrying about my files or breakables and oh…it’s not painful at all! Your spine won’t hurt, the table won’t creak…everything is perfect”

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And finally, shower sex in movies are always perfect. Noone slips, no one falls, nobody’s body is too slippery. Everything just happens to beautifully. Ei!! Laughs in almost died real-life scenarios.

And keep your clothes on in the shower for extra points!!!

Yeah, we get that they are movies… blah blah blah blah but lol can Y’all speak some truth, please?!

What other ridiculous thing has happened in movie sex scenes that is no way close to the real deal??? Tell us!

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