Ashesi: Come And Meet Kwame Kardashian At The Controversy Court

Kwame Kardashian

Hello Kuulpeeps,

The Controversy Court is back!!!

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Let us be really honest with ourselves with this one. How do you genuinely feel when you see a man Cry? Do you find it weird or odd? Or perhaps, embarrassing?

As a male, would you be comfortable about your “masculinity” if the lady went down on her knees to do the proposal? Do you feel this would make you less of a Man? As a lady do you think it’s a Man’s sole responsibility to be doing the proposing?

Do you either ascribe to or reject the social narrative that Real Men Do not Cook, that Real Men never allow the Lady to pay the bill on a date, that a Real Man must never do a Woman’s Laundry? What about a Man in a Pink Clothing? Do you raise an eyebrow when you see a male doing a pedicure or with his nails polished? Or in an Earring or even an Anklet? Is it a bit too feminine? Does any of these make a male less of a Real Man? It is okay whether you are in the Yay or Nay. The court is still excited to know your stance and reasons behind it.

At the Controversy Court, everyone’s view is respected. However, it’s also an intellectual platform that promotes intellectually objective discussions. Hence please do come with your views, but have a defendable logic behind your stance.

At the first Court session this semester, we have the Official Kwame Kardashian, a rising radio and 📺 personality in Ghana as our guest speaker on the panel, including 3 other student speakers.

Details of the event

Date: Wednesday 30th January 2019

Time: 3:30 – 5:30 pm ( Campus Free Time)

Venue: LH 218

Kwame Kardashian

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