Ashesi: 5 Ways To Entertain Yourself If You Are Single


Being single can be boring but trust that you can make the process a fun one.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi has put together some fun stuff you can do when you are single and feel like there is no fun at all.

  1. Netflix and chill

You don’t necessarily need someone to cuddle and watch movies with. Grab some microwavable popcorn, some chilled drink, play one of your favorite movies or series, and enjoy away. when the food is done, just hold unto your pillow or teddy bear and cuddle away. This can be fun.

2. The self love syndrome

This is the era of self love. So join the squad. Treat yourself right. Pamper yourself. Go get your nails done. Book a spa day appointment.

3. Sign up for a dance class

The Ashesi Crewdx has got you. They have dance classes this and  they meet every two weeks, on Fridays at 8pm. Show up and learn new moves, and release some stress during the process.

4. Try a new workout

Working out can be fun. It can help you distress, and get your kind off certain things. Above all, it makes you healthy and fit. Try different fitness classes online. If not, join a fitness class. Show up and sweat it out.

5. Snaps

This might sound boring. But trust that it is fun. Lay back, grab your phone, and just watch people’s snaps. Some things people post will crack you up. Just laugh away.

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