#KakalikaLove: A UK Conservation Centre Is Giving You A Chance To Name A Cockroach After Your Ex

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It seems the Hemsley Conservation Centre in the United Kingdom heard Sister Deborah’s “Kakalika Love” song and went bonkers over it to the extent that they are pulling off a little something of their own.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the conservation centre in the United Kingdom is giving people a chance to name a cockroach after their ex.

According to the Hemsley Conservation Centre, its “Name a Cockroach Programme” offers people who don’t quite require revenge another way to feel better about getting back at their ex.

“The HCC is offering the chance to name a cockroach in honour of your worthless ex-“someone” on this special holiday of love,” read the conservation centre’s website. The group says they are highlighting cockroaches as a way to raise money for projects at the zoo.

Each adoption costs 1.50 British Pound, which, as of Wednesday morning, converts to GHS 9.84, less than GHS 10.

The group will provide a certificate for the naming, but the cockroach’s name will not appear on the certificate itself (“We don’t want to fuel a fire,” the group says). The certificate does, however, come with a message box, should the need arise.

On its website, the Hemsley Conservation Centre describes itself as a small zoo and wildlife centre that offers its visitors a chance to see some of the world’s most endangered and least understood species.

To name a Cockroach after your ex this Valentine’s, just follow this link.

Also, it’s always a good time to jam to Sister Deborah’s “Kakalika Love”.

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