HTU: Incase You Have Plans Of Getting A Loan This Semester, Here Are The Steps And Requirements


Student loans are a type of financial aid offered to undergraduate and graduate students. Student loan financial aid can allow students to attend school who may not have been affordable otherwise.

To get a student loan:

  1. Apply at any SSNIT office for your social security number
    2. Get a personal email address
    3. Get one guarantor
    4. Get an e-zwich card

    You may use your social security reference number to apply until you receive your SSNIT number.
    A. Get a personal email address
    B. Get a guarantor
    C. Get an e-zwich card


    STEP 1. Log on the SLTF website
    STEP 2. Follow the link on the website and fill out forms online
    (You may save and continue with the application if you do not complete at one sitting)
    STEP 3. Upload a current passport size photograph
    STEP 4. Print out 1 set of the summary pages of your loan Application Form, the Guarantor Deed and Students Loan Agreement forms.

    STEP 1. Download loan Application form from our website
    STEP 2. Complete the Loan Application Form, Guarantor Deed and Students Loan Agreement forms.
    STEP 3. Attach 1 recent passport size photograph (Do not staple or glue passport picture)
    STEP 4. Submit 1 complete set of the application form together with all relevant documents attached, to your campus/zonal office
    STEP 5: Complete all forms in BLOCK LETTERS and BLACK INK only
    STEP 6: Have your fingerprints (INDEX AND THUMB) and your guarantor's THUMBPRINTS taken at any SSNIT branch office. You will be assisted by SSNIT official. (Guarantor thumbprint applies to SSNIT guarantors only)
    STEP 7: Attach photocopies of the following :
    i. Student ID and/or Admission letter.
    ii. SSNIT ID number or SSNIT reference number.
    iii. E-zwich card (both sides). Name on e-zwich card
    MUST be the same as that on loan application forms.
    STEP 8: Have your forms endorsed by a witness
    STEP 9: Submit 1 copy of the duly completed forms and supporting documents to your respective SLTF Zonal / Campus Loan office
    A. Supporting Documents
    You are required to add documentary evidence to support any assertion you make in your application
    B. In absence of documentary evidence to support your assertion, the witness may confirm all information provided in your application.

    List of persons qualified to witness are :
    * Senior Public Servants
    * Metropolitan, Municipal & District Chief Executives
    * Senior Medical Officers
    * Coordinating Directors
    * Members of recognized professional bodies (e.g. Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, etc)
    * Ministers of recognized religious bodies
    * Senior police Officers  ( From DSP and above)
    *Senior Officers of Ghana Armed Forces ( From Lieutenant and above)
    C. A sworn affidavit may also be submitted to support claims, where relevant documents are not Available


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