Meet Solomon Akumba, The Winner Of This Year’s Malta Guinness Maltavator Challenge

Akumba Baba Solomon is currently a level 300 student of KNUST who’s studying Physiotherapy and Sports Science.

He managed to beat 39 other contestants to win the Malta Guinness Maltavator Challenge held in Accra last Saturday.

We had a short chat with Solomon to find out more about himself and what he currently does.
Kuulpeeps: How did you join the Maltavator Challenge?

ABS: I first saw a display of some contestants from Accra on a friends status as well as on Facebook in school. I then sent a message to the Malta Guinness Challenge Facebook page stating that I would love to be a participant. They replied and showed me the process.

Kuulpeeps: What motivated you to join the challenge?

ABS: First of all, I’ve always been looking forward to joining such competitions. Secondly, I took part in the competition because for me, the next thing after academics is sports.

Kuulpeeps: Talking of sports, what sport do you do?

ABS: Football. I am a striker for the KNUST school team. Aside that, I also play rugby too.

Kuulpeeps: How long have you been playing football?

ABS: I’ve been playing football since I was a kid. I would say I started playing immediately I started walking as a kid.

Kuulpeeps: How prepared are you for the finals of the Maltavator Challenge?

ABS: Action speaks louder than words. I will use my actions to let the world (especially my opponents in this challenge) know how prepared I am, and, it’s not going to be anything of mine but through my God.

Kuulpeeps: Do you have any plans for the $20,000 in case you win the competition?

ABS: The first portion goes to my God, and the rest would be used to improve the life of my team which comprises of my family, loves once and myslef.

What if you don’t win? What is the plan after that?

ABS: If? I always win in everything I do, provided it is good.
The reason I always win is I believe I am a winner no matter the position I finish. That’s a game of life. Losing is not a word in my dictionary but if things go the other way round, I tend to use it as a secret to improve myself next time.

We wish Solomon all the best in the grande finale.


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