Lycon, Winner of Closeup Music Challenge, Releases New Music Video

Winner of the 2018 Closeup #BreakTheBarrier Music Challenge, Lycon, is out with a music video for his groovy new tune, ‘Where She Dey.’ The song was produced by award winning engineer, Kaywa.

The Ho Technical University graduate, who beat other highly talented artistes to win Closeup’s exciting new music competition, is set to break the barrier and make it big in mainstream music.

Lycon is a singer, rapper and songwriter who delivers his music largely in Ewe, English, Pidgin and other languages. He first won the Volta regional edition before taking the ultimate crown in the grand finale held in August 2018. This music video is part of his winning package, which includes a mentoring session with respected producer Richie Mensah, of Lynx Entertainment.

Explaining the motivation behind the song, the promising artiste describes the search for that special someone with good qualities. In his own words, “there are beautiful ladies with good character whom you can marry, who do not just slay with their beauty”. A very relatable thing to many men out there.

The Closeup music challenge, subtitled #BreakTheBarrier, is the brand’s programme to give young people that once in a lifetime opportunity to make it big in music. The reason behind this programme is simple- Closeup understands that there are many talented young people who have potential to make it big in mainstream music. However, many of them do not have the right platform to get to the next level. Closeup created a unique platform to give people a chance to use their confidence to break the barrier to the next level.

Closeup is Ghana’s leading youth brand which gives long lasting fresh breath. Only closeup gives the confidence to get close when it matters most. Just like the new Closeup Coolbreeze toothpaste that comes with a new minty flavour for long lasting fresh breath, Lycon comes with a breeze of fresh vibes to hit the music industry in Ghana and beyond.

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