Ashesi: 5 Signs Your Partner Wants To Have Sex With You


University is a beautiful place to figure about the future. What you want to be, or work as after you graduate. But also, it is a place to figure your sexuality.

In one way or the other, you will encounter some level of sexual advances from your partner, your crush, or someone who just wants to f**k with you. Just keep your head up when you see these signs.

Here are five signs that your partner wants to have sex with you. He/She may not tell you, but this is just a heads up.

  1. He/She insists on sharing a bed with you

In college, you are on your own. Basically. If your man insists on sharing a bed with you. Mmmm. Honey. He wants the cookie. Even if he doesn’t insist on sharing a bed with you, he will find a way to spend the night. Let’s talk about movie nights, and cuddling through the cold night.

2. Touches you in a sexual way

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He may not tell you plainly that, “Babe I want to F**k you”. Hell, naah. He is going to smack that ass, and bite those lips, and find a way to fondle those boobs, hun. He gets touchy and close.

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3. Talk dirty to me

You know there is a saying which goes, little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. He may not stand in front of you and say, ” say hello Mr. Thundercock”. Oh naah… It starts little by little from the conversations you have with him. Whilst having a conversation with him, he might turn it a little flirty and sexy. For example, if you tell him you are going in for a shower, he might jokingly tell you how he wishes he could accompany you!

4. Lingerie talks

Do you remember the time when you both went to the mall and as you both passed by a lingerie store, he jokingly told you how good that particular bra would look on you? Or probably, he posted a picture on his WhatsApp status of an Instagram model in some sexy lingerie, and captioned it, “my woman will look good in this”.

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Well, the fact of the matter is that he does think about you in your lingerie and wants to see you wearing that sexy bra too!

5. He comes in when your roommates are not round

This might sound weird, but your boyfriend will go to the extent of knowing the schedules of your roommate(s). He knows that during this time, Beyonce and Shasha wouldn’t be in the room. Of course, he has something planned. And he need some level of privacy to accomplish that.

If you’re ready for a sexual relationship, these signs will be normal for you. I mean, exciting. On the other hand, if you’re not ready for the GIGO, talk it out with him. Have an adult conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, you will surely encounter some of these signs in college regardess if you are in a relationship or not.

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