UG: Dear Early Bird, Check Out The Academic Calendar For 2019/2020.


The second semester is almost upon us and as always there’s going to be loads of activities during the semester. Here are all the activities and deadlines you’ll need to remember for the semester!

The semester officially begins on Thursday, January 31st, 2019, but classes don’t start until Monday the 4th of February. You’ve got an entire weekend to settle in and unpack before school actually starts and maybe get some last minute chilling in.

The deadline for registration for the semester’s courses is February 11th, but if you need to add or delete certain courses from what you originally picked, you’ll be able to do that until 22nd February.

Interim Assessments start very early this semester. They’ll be held from 11th March up until 29th March. The Academic prizes ceremony follows soon after on 12th April. Also if you have a resit for any 2nd semester course, you’ll want to remember this; resit registrations begin on 25th March and end on 5th of April

A special congregation of the Aggrey-Fraser-Guggisberg Memorial lectures will be happening throughout March of this semester, so be on the lookout for the specific dates of those.

The portals for student’s evaluation of their lecturers will be opened from April 15th till 3rd May.

Remember to complete your evaluation as, without those, you will not be able to complete your exam registration.

Teaching ends on the 3rd of May and 6th to 10th May is reserved for Revision Second Semester Examinations start on the 11th of May and run until the 2nd of June. Note that resits for 2nd semester courses will be written alongside the second semester examinations

The semester ends on the 2nd of June, but resit exams for 1st semester courses will be held from 3rd June until 7th June and the exams for distance education students will be held from 8th July until 29th July.

Enjoy your semester!

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