The Evolution Of The Eyebrow Will Definitely Make You Chuckle! Check Them Out.


Guys keep making noises in our ears about the fact that ladies are very indecisive about what they want. The point the keep going back to is the fact that they “shave” all their brow only to draw it back which of course isn’t totally true.

Don’t get it twisted; ladies only shape their brows to make it easier to draw it accurately. Unless you’re like some people we know…

The way guys were complaining about the brows, what would they have done if we were in the 1920’s or 1930’s?


But on a real, those times the eyebrows were so funny. Lets go back in time to acknowledge the eyebrow trends that have occurred.

1920- Thin and rounded

The ’20s was the beginning of very extreme beauty routines for women everywhere. Eyebrows were no longer to be left in their natural state. Thin brows were considered very chic.


1940 – Full and Natural Arches

Wartime American meant makeup, while still glamorous, become quicker and less dramatic in the ’40s. Many women were working traditionally masculine jobs for the first time in their lives to replace the labor force taken by World War II. 


1950 – Brushed Arched Brows


Eyebrows remained thick and arched, using makeup to fill them in since they became more popular then, as compared to decades before.

1960 – Short and Simple


Thanks to Twiggy’s (an English model, actress, and singer) signature lashes, brows were treated as more of a sideshow 

1970 – Thin Arched Eyebrows


Thinness slowly crept back into popularity in the ’70s. More room for sparkly eyeshadow, maybe? Whatever the cause was, the ’70s brows were all about natural shape, not a lot of filling in, and a slender arch.

1980 – Bushy Brows


Thick brows were back again in the ’80s, but unlike the ’50s and ’60s, perfectly shaped brows were not the style. Instead, stars like Brooke Shields and Madonna led the movement as bushy, unkempt “caterpillar” eyebrows became all the rage.

1990 – Pencil thin brows with curved arches

Image result for 1990 brows

Seems like people were fed up with the bushy brows trend and once again, pencil thin brows (their first love) once again came into vogue.

2000 – Thin and Short Brows

Image result for 2000 brows

While the super-skinniness of the brow started to lose popularity, other bad grooming trends picked up steam. Instead of making brows thinner, many people began making them shorter

2010 – Bold brows


Thickness is once again the hallmark of a healthy, beautiful brow—our obsession with eyebrows revolves around the bold, thick brows of celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, and Lily Collins. 

2015 – Instagram Brows

Image result for 2015 brows

The onset of the #OnFleek revolution. IG became the go-to destination for brow inspo thanks to beauty influencers.

2017 – Weird Brows


We can’t really tell how these came about buuutt, one thing we can confidently say is they were trends on social media and not really as a lifestyle thing. For some reason, 2017 got our creative juices flowing!

  • Feathered arches
  • barbed wire brows
  • lighting bolt brows
  • boxed brows
  • wavy brows
  • rainbow brows
  • braided brows
  • Nike brows
  • Split brows

2019 – …well….

Since the year just began, we are hoping to see more creativity…no matter how absurd they might look.

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