CCTU: Tips On How To Get Back Into School Mode After The Holidays.

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The end of holidays means back to, textbooks, and making lecture notes instead of texting friends about holiday plans.

Here’s a list of tips that will help every student back into school mode after a long holiday.

1. Start setting an alarm in the morning.

This will be extremely helpful for those who are used to sleeping in these days. The first few days back to school from vacation will be hectic because students are slowly adapting to their class schedule. Creating a task list will take some of the stress off from  your shoulders because it will help keep you organized and prevent you from getting too much stress.

2. Clean up your laptop.

It’s important that you have your computer working its best. Clean it up by deleting any unwanted files that have been downloaded during your holidays, because it may distract you while you are doing studies.

3. Go through your old stuff

Take the time to read through over class notes and assignments to refresh your memory. This is particularly helpful for your studies. If you dont barb somethings, talk to a friend or the teacher and make sure you understand the old work before you start on the new work.

4. Set Goals

Setting goals is important. I don’t mean set New Year’s resolutions, because let’s face it, those are never successful. However, setting realistic goals, will encourage you to work harder, which is never a bad thing.

 5. Prepare the night before

Finally, one of the easiest but rewarding things to do during school is preparing for your day the night before. From picking out an outfit to making your lunch, it really makes a difference by helping you avoid a rushed and stressful morning.

So just relax!! Go ahead, take a deep breath………….Get organized and have an amazing school time………

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