Okyeame Kwame Celebrates 10 Years Of Being Married To Annica With A Love Letter

Okyeame Kwame, Annica nsiah-apau

Okyeame Kwame is giving a lot of guys a run for their money and making it harder for guys to impress the misus on their anniversary.

The rapper/songwriter always makes sure to turn the heat up a notch higher every year.

With this year marking 10 years since he and Annica Nsiah-Apau said “Yes I Do” to each other, he made sure he went for the kill with the Instagram post.

All through yesterday, he has been dropping pictures from a photoshoot did to mark their decade of staying married milestone.

However, it is today’s post that became the icing on the cake…

Not the least because the husband and wife were wielding knives pretending to be stabbing the other but it was all about Okyeame Kwame’s use of words.

“Whew! 10yrs it came so fast that I wish to rewind it. Wow have I been married for 10yrs? Sometimes I forget but your love is there to remind me. Many days of stress, pain, struggle come to an end because you put it behind me,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I mean you carry my wahala with ease like how you carry your ass. Imagine if I had all that junk behind me. You blind me from all these Instagram “sexyfied, nudyfied twerkyfied” hot models in my DM sending hot emojis so I see’em,” he said.

He went on and on saying “the society lied to me that love grows fonder with age. The first 3,to 4,5 years of the marriage was the sugar stage. The next 6,7 years was the honey stage. 7,8,9, we were on the reality page. I guess seeing your face every day for 3,652 days, I made a mistake by Auto-piloting the last phase.

My mental fist plunge into your face when you spill the water as though you had broken the proverbial vase. Days when your sharp lips cut me in my angina. When your anger could swell my phyma. But in the heat of the heats, one of us will always mellow, swallow the melon neutralise the venom and forgive the felon.

Then we kiss till we can breathe no more. Then we hug till our heart”s” beats no more. And then my smile says weep no more. The reality of love is so sweet that we sleep no more. I used to dream for me and then I dreamt for us with Sir and Sante under my pillow. Now I dream for 4 but the irony is I sleep no more. Nights when I’ve missed you but you miss sleep so you horse kick my erotic desire into the Arctic.

And then fuming the whole night feeling rejected, I promise myself the next morning I will visit my crush, but then you crash me with your smile making me static. Confessions, when I’m with you I feel like Man Ghana on steroids, @flowkingstone rap on fast forward, I feel like Nkrumah on July 4th, I feel like a National service person who just received his first allowance, I feel like Otumfour Osei Tutu II on the night before 26th April,1999.

In fact, I feel like the best version of me knowing you are mine. Is there a better way to say I LOVE YOU? Let’s try it in twi , me d) wo . In Ewe, Melo wo. In Ga, Me sumo bo. Its not deep enough, So you…… ( CONT. in comments column 👇🏾) #loveiswar.”

Okyeame Kwame making it difficult for people on this street.

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