UG: Did You Miss Out On All The Hallweeks Last Semester? Here Is A Recap And What Hall weeks To Expect This Semester.


The semester started with a series of classes and a whole lot of events not forgetting our topmost stress reliever Hall weeks.

Aside Gospel Rock-show, Islamic Dialogue and Artiste night being the order for all halls for Sunday, Friday and Saturday, other activities are planned up to the after-party in specific locations to keep our mood in cloud 9.
Jubliee took up the mantle as always and started Euphoria.
The English breakfast from Thunderlite was superb… if you were not there then yawa for you!! To our disappointment, there was no artist night.
A moment of silence…so a week went by without any hall week. Sarbah hall week could not come on due to some issues. Later, we were very much anticipated for an Anniversary but to no avail. However, there was a blood donation exercise.
E.T.W.E the hall week that spark fire on all social media. The place was heated with serious activities until Saturday night.
Alexandra Kwapong hall kept the pace and spied up their hall week with events that wowed us. Truly they left us dumbfounded.
. Enkasa!!
Standout Evo took us to another level with hosting Fresherfair this year. The streets of Nelson were full to capacity from Sunday to Sunday!!
The official hall week of Akuafo hall which ended the enjoyment, with a rich taste of culture and variety of events.
Big ups to all the executives of each hall and their committees, you did your best!!
As to which hall week sourced or flopped, it is to our lovely readers and followers to decide.
However, we are super excited for the hall-weeks this semester! Pent hall week you know would definitely be lit and packed! There is  Limann, Volta hall, Bani hall and Legon hall! Hopefully COMMONWEALTH LOL!
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