Is The Wedding Off? Shatta Wale Is Accusing Michy Of Cheating On Him

Shatta Michy, Shatta Wale

A little over two months after Shatta Wale famously proposed to Shatta Michy at the Reign Album launch concert, it seems the two are breaking up once again.

Shatta Wale and Michy give new energy to the saying “we break up we makeup and we do it again.”

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Last year the two reportedly broke up twice and came back together just in time for the launch of the Reign Album.

One of last year’s break ups was highly publicized after both accused the other of physically abusing the other.

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Shatta Michy shared pictures that showed wounds on her face and Shatta Wale also accused Michy of drawing a knife at him and slapping in the presence of Michy’s mother.

Today, with everything that is going on with Menzgold and people accusing Shatta Wale of endorsing an alleged fraudulent entity, it seems Shatta Wale is also having relationship problems.

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Michy took to Instagram to rant about how Shatta Wale distrusts her and assumes that she is going around town having sex with every man she sees.

According to Michy, who is the mother of Shatta Wale’s son Majesty, she is in an abusive relationship with the dancehall musician.

“I have my life and my son to protect from a lot of things. No one wants to be in an abusive, draining, relationship,” she said.

“You have no idea how it’s like dealing with someone who’s always looking for faults on you, they don’t trust [because] they can’t be trusted, they’re insecure, the ego, false accusations, battery, threats, no compassion as if i don’t show him all the world,” Michy continued.

See below for Michy’s rant…

Shatta Wale has been hitting up mutual friends of theirs to gather gossip about Michy.

In the chart box below, Shatta Wale is reportedly urging somoene to tell him about the men Michy is allegedly have sex with.

Well, we guess the wedding is off for now…

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