Kofi Mole: The Reason He Stopped Going To Church And Abandoned His Dream Of Becoming A Pastor

Kofi Mole

Some of us who were born into church going families and grew up attending a particular church all through our childhood know the disaffection we sometimes feel towards the church whenever the church didn’t come through for us when we needed them.

If your parent isn’t rich, not part of the church elders or you’re not the pastor’s child, then sometimes you get treated as a second class church member.

Even when you think you’re doing your very best to contribute to the success of the church, you might sometimes lose that motivation because your effort goes unappreciated.

Taking to Twitter to share his truth with his 11.8K growing followers, rapper/songwriter, Kofi Mole tried to explain why he stopped going to church.

With his love for music starting earlier in his life, Kofi Mole played the drums in his Sunday School (church service for younger members of the congregation).

According to him, many recognized his amazing talents in playing the drums and rightfully gave him rewards.

But then just as he was coming into his own and growing his amazing musical talents, the church leaders “took that position from me and gave it to the son of a Deacon even though his drumming skills never matched mine.”

That demotion – if to call it that- informed Kofi Mole’s decision to stop going to church.

He felt unappreciated and also not needed as nobody in the church even bothered to check up on him after he went MIA from the church for a continuous number of weeks.

Somehow, the church forgot the story of the shepherd who left his herd to go look for the one lost sheep.

We hope Kofi reconnects with God if he hasn’t already.

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