UG: Your Favorite Fortune Tellers Are Here. Check Out The Fashion Trends To Expect This Semester.


It’s a new semester and a brand new year. There’ll be a lot of events happening on campus which would call for your best wardrobe. Here are some of the fashion trends you can expect this sem.

Nike Vapor-maxes

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They were first released in early 2017, but have only recently gained popularity on campus. They’re fantastic shoes to look at and come in a vast array of colours so you can get one that best suits you!

Apple Air pods

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They’re incredible little pieces of technology and quite useful too; no wires to untangle after lectures on your trip back to the hall. A wave of Twitter memes has suddenly placed them on the spotlight and you can be sure quite a number of students have grabbed a pair just to show us that we’re not on their level.


And those who will use the “Air Kpods” too will be there to prove they too they exist.

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Tie & Dye

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Programs over the Christmas like Afrochella promoted African clothing and products and what could get more native than T&D. Its vibrant colours are sure to draw eyes everywhere on campus. The best part is, from hats to shorts, every piece of clothing looks better “T&D’ed”


Related image

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These two are in one section because they’re both footwear that have been tried and tested and need no improvement. They’re appropriate for almost every occasion and look good paired with just about anything. They’re comfortable and if they ever get old just adds to the aesthetic value. But, there’s a difference between old and dirty. Dirty shoes are never cool


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Jerseys have always been a convenient way of repping your favourite team, but the 2018/19 crop of jerseys really took things up a notch. They have to be the best designs yet and were not an uncommon sight last semester. And with the NBA season in full swing, expect more basketball jerseys on campus

Through it, always remember that there are no set rules for fashion and ultimately what YOU feel good in is what you should be wearing.

Happy New Year from us at KuulPeeps.

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