Update Your Closet Ladies! Here Are Your 2019 Must Haves!


This year we’ve seen a lot less “New year, new me” statements on all social media platforms, (thank God!).

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Lol. I mean, we get it that the new year causes us to want to change certain aspects of our lives but the truth is, most of the time, when we make that statement, after a month or two, we fall back into our same old habits! Its almost as if people think the new year comes with some sort of magic which would change them from who they really are.

Well enough of that. New year new wardrobe oo! That one de3 we support you wholeheartedly. If you’re like some of us who don’t have money (of course! After attending every concert and event in December, what were you expecting?), you can read the article and be inspired to sacrifice your January pay for the sake of fashion.

1. The Suit

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Emphasis on “THE”. You know that body-hugging suit which brings out your assets and even when you don’t have much to show, still gives people something to look at? Yeeeeess! That suit! Be it in bright colors, stripes, checks or even white trousers and jackets, it is a must-have in your wardrobe.

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Once you have the full suit you can take each ensemble apart and wear it with something different. For example, you can wear the jacket with a long skirt or the trousers with a printed T-shirt. The suit is a worthwhile and versatile investment. You absolutely need it!

2. Sunglasses

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See, sunglasses are simply a worthwhile investment. Don’t feel like making up? They got you covered. Sunglasses styles evolve so quickly these days that it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends but that does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. Even when going for an event in the evening, you can wear them or put them on your head. The trick is to try and avoid darker shades and you’re good to go.

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Last year, there was an influx of the cat eye sunglasses. This year we can’t wait to see what type would be trending.

3. Shirt Dress

We believe shirt dresses can never get out of fashion. They are designed to look very simple but based on how you pair them with accessories and shoes, your look could be very catchy! You can pair them with heeled sandals or normal flat sandals.

Shirt Dresses - Street Style (3)

Shirt Dresses - Street Style (11)

You could update the simple look by adding a simple belt or go for a vintage-inspired look by adding a wide belt.

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You can choose to wear boots or stiletto strappy heeled shoes.

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Flats also work if you’re going for a really cute look.

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4. MicroMini HandBags

No matter how impractical they may seem (You can’t even put your phone in some of them), they add a touch of chic to any outfit. You can opt for a brightly colored one, especially of the top handle and belt bag variety.

5. Snakeskin Print

The sudden rise of this statement print in the stores is undeniable. Isn’t it odd — and wonderful — how snakeskin can be so loud and yet so minimalist? Add a touch to your new-year look with a snakeskin print set in understated neutral shades of cream, tan and brown.

6. Layered Necklaces

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Multiple necklaces can instantly make a look polished, and if you’re following any fashion influencers on Instagram, you may have noticed a trend of pendant and coin necklaces lately. The key to layering 5 or six necklaces is chain length. Make sure all the necklaces are at least an inch apart to get a nice tiered effect.

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Looking for an easier option? Opt for a necklace that’s one piece, but has multiple layers.

7. The Go-To Dress

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The go-to dress used to be that little black dress in your closet but now it doesn’t really matter the color. So far as you can rely on it any time a last-minute semi-formal occasion arises, you’re good to go.

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Whether it’s a big work presentation or a dinner, having a dress that can work for any situation with a simple change of shoes and accessories will save a lot of time and stress. The important thing is not the color. The important thing is that it fits!

8. Sneakers

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Old-school fashion rules about saving your kicks for workouts or casual Friday are out. You can now wear a pair of sneakers with a pleated skirt and sweater if your office isn’t conservative, or with a jumpsuit for weekend brunch. Just take one look at the street style of trendsetters like Tracee Ellis Ross, Emily Blunt, and even Duchess Kate Middleton for inspiration on just how versatile a pair of kicks can be.

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Plus, considering the variety of sneakers out there today (velvet, rhinestone, silk, bows!) they really are the shoes that can take you anywhere. And you don’t even have to run to get there.

We really hope these tips will help make your fashion statements this year. Now go forth and slay into 2019!!

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