We Are Currently Reliving Our Drunk Texts And Confessions Experience Over The Weekend…How’s Your Monday Going??

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Drunk Texts and Confessions.

The EP you need to cop if you haven’t yet.

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Kweiks, the young musician behind the EP, Drunk Texts and Confessions had his first ever show, The DTC Experience at Badu Lounge on Saturday.

Now look, we definitely aren’t drunk, neither were we slightly intoxicated at the event so you can believe this is not influenced by anything!!!

We skipped the true druk texts and confessions experience to be able to give you blow by blow accounts.


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The show was amazinggg!!

It was a cool intimate session with a great lineup of guest artistes and Kweiks himself, giving off their best while we took turns, sitting, dancing, singing along loudly and just…jumping at some points.

Yeah…just a bunch of DTC lovers hanging out and exuding love.

The show didn’t start in time but we bet no one noticed once everything was set in motion!!

Electro Mirror was a fantastic MC, making us laugh and at a point, putting in a brief education on what consent means.

A King!

But the performances tho! The performances!!!!! Every single performance was attention grabbing!!

YN the afro pikin gave us some cool vibes and we know for a fact the girls got lost daydreaming.

Toyboi dropped unthinkable bars…

Dadi gave a spiritual performance that almost made us pull out hankies and cry cos charle, we felt that in our soul!!!!

Offei brought the angels down for a brief moment with his voice…

Oh and there was a double surprise in the form of Dopenation!!!

There were mind-blowing performances as well from other dope artists doing different genres, giving a melange of performances



See, the one performance everyone is probably still thinking of…aside Kweiks’s captivating performance of course, is Kobby Keita, Ojo and Boicallis’s joint performance.

It was a mad ting!!!

The crowd really went wild charle! And then…Kweiks came in and freaked it!

Can we take a moment to appreciate Kweiks’s shada???!!!!

We do not deserve this slayage at all!!! But hey we had a good time and if you weren’t there, you missed a whole lot!!!!!!!

We also have one request: Can there be another DTC Experience sometime soon?

It’s impressive when an artiste’s show goes this well! The crowd was a vibe, the performances were lit, the sound was dope, DJ Sleek had us hyped!! See…it was near perfect!!

Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and check out his songs on iTunes, Soundcloud and Aftown!! And get the Drunk Texts and Confessions EP here.

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