UEW: Types Of Invigilators You’re Going To Meet In The Exam Hall.


It’s the day of your exam and tension levels are high. You are geared up for whatever challenge the exam paper holds, knowing that your actions could determine the rest of your life. You could possibly be sweating and panicking. If not a tough question paper, what could make this day more horrific? Well, how about having an exam invigilator who is a pain in the head? 

Let’s look at the six types of invigilators we might love or hate but just can’t ignore (not that we have an option)..

The ‘Stare-to-Death’ Type.

They seem to have two eyes in front and two at the back of their head. These invigilators know everything from how many times you breathe in a minute to how many times you scratched your head in doubt. They are ruthless. Nothing can escape their sight! Anything from asking for an extra answer sheet during the last 15 minutes of the exam to getting the graph booklet arranged, can annoy them. Every time you look at them, you find them doing their favourite thing, staring right at you.

The exam warden

Do not even dare leave a water bottle on your desk or a pencil case in your vicinity if you want to survive the wrath of this invigilator. Similar in species to vultures, they will view every single centimetre of the room, on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Come to think of it, our roads probably need a lot more of these people as opposed to our exam venues.

The judgmental one

Looks can be very deceiving. This invigilator will probably be someone nice at first glance, who smiles at you when you walk in and wishes you good luck when they hand you your paper. But throughout the exam, you will feel like they are observing and analysing your every move; from the way you pretend that you’re thinking, to hide the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing, to finishing your paper earlier than everyone else.

The Curious Cat

These are probably the most annoying kinds. They stand next to you and read every word you write. The ones who give you disagreeing looks or shocked expressions, making you wonder if you have written the right answer. They are either thinking about what you are writing or what the teacher will think about what you write. The most terrible part? They don’t even help out and make your confusion worse.

The Dragon

You’ll literally see fumes coming out of these fire-breathing monsters. They have issues, many issues. Trust issue, bad attitude issue, arrogance issue, high temper issue, this issue and that issue. They look perpetually angry and disturbed. They simply don’t know what politeness means. You’ll often get tempted to tell them: Ma’am/ Sir, no chillies for you from today.

The Saviours

Now, what’s better than an invigilator who lets you do whatever you were desiring the most for as soon as you saw the question paper? CHEATING, of course! They let you use any means of clearing the exam that you demand to, provided no ruckus created.

They only fear the inspection guys and ensure that they aren’t caught playing the saviour to the students.

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