GIJ: “I Had To Be A Zacchaeus ; Not The Biblical One but An Activist” – Kabu Nartey

This is a piece student activist Kabu Nartey wrote in relation to the recent peaceful demonstration students embarked on.

About The Author:
Kabu Nartey is an award-winning Leadership Activist, a Kufuor Scholar and a former NUGS General Secretary

Kabu smiles…

Congratulations to all Protesters. Congratulations to the Kumadinkra SRC. Congratulations especially to all affected students who were able to write their papers due to the intervention of the SRC President, Emmanuel Kumah. I watched on with goosebumps the many of them who walked to the President afterwards to thank him for intervening lest they would not have written today. It could have been me on that verge. A humble Black Salute to Management.

Since Sunday, protest day, a video went viral about the ordeal I went through trying to calm the nerves of my brothers and sisters who were affected by the “no-payment-no-registration-no-exams” approach by the school. While many have asked on a funny note, what actually I was looking for on a tree and if I wanted to get some of the mangoes on a sterile mango tree; some have also read some activism meaning to the move. In fact that Zacchaeus move proved futile in my quest to assure students issues will be resolved. I climbed up due to my vertical deficiency (OOps!). One of the tallest guys around helped by lifting me up there. I had to tell my brothers and sisters that I felt what they felt and was I still hopeful something could be done. I climbed up to pass on a brief message as more and more information from those who mattered trickled in to reassure.


The pockets of information were to reassure us all and to inform who next to address us on our concerns. Hitherto, many had waited for a naked piece from me on the fees issue. I did that on personal levels even as I channelled my strength to help those in leadership to solve at that level. For me, what really mattered in those moments was the registration window opened few days to exams. And I had encouraged almost all those I knew who had had issues with registration to take advantage of the little the SRC was doing to escape the frustration.

That Zacchaeus move though could not ameliorate the situation as the anger in student heightened, it showed the sensitive and daring approach we must take the concerns of our brothers and sisters. I noticed some of the affected ones could be my senior brothers and sisters and even guardians, and the silence was certainly a betray for a tiny young boy like myself. I had to do that even when information was not forthcoming from anywhere. I had to be a Zacchaeus; not the biblical one but an activist.

Together, we succeeded. Those who did politics with it did. Those who applauded the Zacchaeus at least for his bravery, humility and respect for accountability also did. And those who mocked and laughed at a tiny boy who became taller than arguably the tallest guy on campus, Nimo Kwasi Jnr all of a sudden (Kabu smiles..). But I am ultimately happy all these people with divergent political ideologies, agenda, likes, dislikes and viewpoints smiled today after strong advocacy at a Management meeting.

Maybe next time, I shall need a ladder; an amplifier and perhaps a happier student populace in order to welcome Jesus | Allah as the ultimate Activist to change the mind of Management, into our homes, as the Gospel of the Bible and Quran.

Kabu smiles again…

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