#DecemberInAccra: Lots Of Ice Cream, A Concert, The Sweetest Gathering Of Fine Faces And Everything You Missed From The Ice Cream Fair This Year


It was officially cheat day on 26th of December at Crystal Park. Yeah, everyone ditched their diet plans and had a whole day of deserts, good music and fine faces.

It was amazing!

There were games and free ice cream from Fanyogo Funky Banana and a cute dance battle for the kids where the winner went home with a load of Fan Milk ice cream!!

The concert later that day was lit af and we still can’t tell if we were over hyped because of the sugar in the system or the adult drinks that were also available…

There were enough vendors to empty your pockets and make you drool the whole time and oh yeah the fine girls and boys contributed to the drooling. Someone said the abundance of cute kids made their ovaries drool but we do not want to get into that!

Everything looked so good, we just had to capture it all so look around and call out the familiar faces you see in there!

Guess who’d be there same day next year for the Ice Cream Fair 2019?

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