#DecemberInAccra: Hush! Let’s Relive #Crusade3. The Good,The Better And The BEST In Pictures.

If you weren’t at Crystal Park last Thursday, we’re sorry but “you’ve done yourself” the #DontComeAndSee wasn’t just hype charley!

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We know Crusade 3 was a whole mood but can we talk about that 30minutes of heavy downpour?

The “Dum” that happened too but of course, what’s a Crusade with a little bit of anointing and testimonies? Lol!

The concert had everything; music, food, drinks, paintballs, skateboarding and popup sales.

Lit DJs and MCs…Dj Mitchy, Dj Lord, iPhone Dj and La Meme’s very own Dj Big Stan. With Henry Akrong and your favourite, Manny Yo as hosts, nothing can ever wrong!

Performances started with the Bunna Empire giving us the best, then defo everyone’s favourite from Alpha Gang.


LaMeme made their first appearance with chérie and the whole of tape 1.  

Every other performance was FIRE!

Then the surprise acts started pulling up, yas hunnnaay!

Everyone’s bestie, Darryl!

And the LaMeme “godfathers” R2BEES. 

Big ups to the who LaMeme Team…thank you for the RAGE! We can’t wait for Crusade 4!

If you missed this show, you should check out the Kuulpeeps Instagram for highlights and look out for the December In Accra hashtag!!!


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