Sonnie Badu Shuts Down UK Arrest Rumours By Posting This Video On Instagram

There are a number of unconfirmed reports making rounds on other media platforms claiming that the Gospel musician, founder and head Pastor of the Rockhill Church, Sonnie Badu has been arrested in the UK for possessing a gun.

We all know that the United Kingdom has very strict gun laws unlike the United States of America and that it’s more likely for someone to be arrested for possessing a gun in the UK.

However, because he has lived in the UK for most of his adult life and being someone with no criminal record it will be difficult… not impossible… just difficult for Sonnie Badu to break such strict UK gun laws.

All of the media reports on Sonnie Badu’s arrest attribute their story to a video showing Sonnie Badu in the grips of two policemen and they shove him into the backseat of a police car.

That perfect video could fit perfectly well for a scene in a music video…. just saying.

But don’t take our word for it.

The man himself has released a video on Instagram Stories announcing that he will be on a speaking engagement in Atlanta, which is across the pond in the United States of America.


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#KuulpeepsTrending: @sonniebaduuk shuts down arrest rumors by inviting people to a programme. #SonnieBadu

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Plus this one also explains everything…lol


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Dear “young” bloggers, (note the word young) because I believe a more matured person will not express unnecessary excitement over another’s misery. I have had to sit quietly by the advise of my management team just to observe and watch you cause panic / fear and total mayhem on social media. Well, to those of you who wish me ill, SHAME on you as the video you’re circulating is part of a video shoot for my song #IHailYou. My question to you though is “what did you achieve” by expressing joy over someone’s downfall? Did your quest draw more viewers / followers to your social media platforms? Just so you know it was my image and it’s costly so guess who benefited at the end of the day. The adage is true that bad news travels quicker than one can imagine. To all my well wishers out there, I love and appreciate you very much. My love also goes to my ill wishers too but do bear in mind that if you’re truly waiting for some bad news about me, it will be an eternal wait on your part…. #IHailYou will be released on 1/01/19 …. Look out for the video and be blessed by it. It’s a powerful concept.. #SonnieBadu #IHailYou #officialVideo @uvi_orogun

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Also, the earliest version of the video that appeared on Youtube also claimed that he’d been arrested for fraud… meanwhile in the description of that same YouTube video it said that that video is a behind the scenes footage of a music video directed by Uvi Orogun…lol

If you’re a die-hard fan of Sonnie Badu…. don’t fret… Your man was not arrested and he is actually in the US doing the job God has given him…. winning more souls for Christ.

Happy holidays everybody!!!

God bless Sonnie Badu.

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