Lancaster: Peeps, All You Need to Know About The Guy With A-Fro In Lancaster’s Quadrangle

 Our tenant today, occupying our leeway is our unrivalled, eminent beyond compare and exquisite guy David Oluwafemi Dake. He’s British and was birthed on 30th October 1998.

 A Computer Science ‘Brilla’ in level 300 and he is 6.5 feet tall.

 KulpeepsLU: Hey fam, what’s up?

Dave: I dey ooo

KulpeepsLU: Vhim. Okay so everyone on campus knows you as the tall guy with “afro” in the yard but we want to know more about you.

Dave: Oh cool kraa.

KulpeepsLU: So let us start with rumours. We heard you went into modelling. Tell us how it all began.

KulpeepsLU: A gentleman called Kofi Ansah who happens to be a fashionista, met me at one of his shows and said that he loved my height, body, and of course my hair. Like duuh (rolling my eyes)!!! and that is how it began.

KulpeepsLU: haha ok. So back to the main deal. How long have you been growing your fro?

Dave: Just 3 years.

KulpeepsLU: For real just 3 years!

Dave: Yh just lol.

KulpeepsLU: Were your parents in support of your growing the fro?

Dave: My dad was cool but my mom was against it. The typical African mother behaviour lol. She had an issue with me having a fro but she had to adjust to me having it dassor.

KulpeepsLU: What do you apply in your hair?

Dave-: Basically I just wash it and “dirty” my hair with oil.

KulpeepsLU: Lol “dirty” paaaa. Do you have any other talents aside from modelling?

Dave:- I’m a pianist and a guitarist. I’m a church boy and in a band called Firm Praise.


KulpeepsLU: Do you know what your hair type is? Do you have any idea?

Dave: Oh yeah. My hair type is 4c.

KulpeepsLU: Wow, that’s impressive! We are pretty sure you’ve had annoying questions about your hair. Would you like to share some?


Dave: Oh yes they do ask a lot of questions. Some people ask me if I put shampoo and stuff inside my hair to make it grow, how I sleep and some nonsense I don’t even know where they got those ideas from.

They ask again if I put something special in my hair. Some of them ask “do you put some egg inside ” or “mayonnaise”. I look at them and I’m like what like what??


KulpeepsLU: Hahahaa these questions can make you crack your ribs.  We want to know if you have a girlfriend.

Dave: Oh but I don’t have a girlfriend I’m too occupied for that I’m okay lol.

KulpeepsLU: Agyei occupied ….yoo boss we hear! What club do you run on campus?


Dave: LUG Christ Ambassadors! At our meetings, we basically worship, pray, share testimonies , watch Christian movies and sometimes the president or leader gives a word of exhortation. Anyone interested can join the LUGCAS family every Wednesday @2:00 pm prompt for a splendid time in God’s presence and more!

KulpeepsLU: It is a wrap. Thank you for having us. (Do follow him on IG @_strive_forgreatness_ .)

Dave: Thank you too.







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