DJ Vyrusky Explains Why He Doesn’t Charge Musicians To Play Their Music


One of the banes in the Ghana music industry is Payola.

Payola is the under the table money musicians pay DJs and/or presenters to get their music played on the radio and/or television.

Even to this day that there a plethora of music streaming platforms available for musicians to put their music out there, having one’s song played on either the television, radio or at major events is still a major boost for the musician’s mainstream career.

As a result, some DJs are still charging Payola from musicians before they agree to play their music.

However, the reigning DJ of the Year DJ Vyrusky said he doesn’t charge musicians before he plays their music either on air or at an event.

In an interview with Kuulpeeps, DJ Vyrusky said “I never never take money from an artist before I play their song.”

According to him, he believes in promoting the artist and not necessarily charging them before he played their music.

“But some DJs charge. They say you paid to record the song in a studio, you paid to shoot the video so why don’t you want to pay to promote the songs,” DJ Vyrusky said of the argument that DJs who charge Payola make to justify their action.

He said sometimes the DJs are justified in taking money before playing a musicians song because when the artist becomes succesful “they forget everybody and the DJ who played their music to make them hits.”

But owing to his own philosophy, DJ Vyrusky prefers to promote the musician instead, knowing that his own career ambitions are directly aligned with the success of musicians.

He said he hopes musicians will be able to command huge amounts of appearance fees… and with that, he knows his own appearance fees will also rise.

Watch the full Kuulpeeps interview with DJ Vyrusky below:

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